Signature at Hornchurch – Facilities

Grand Lobby, Reception, Café & Cosy Corner

The first impression of the Grand Lobby is the warm welcoming smile of the receptionist and the bustling, lively atmosphere of the area. This space features a reception desk, grand staircase and seating areas where residents & families can meet. A café counter provides snacks and beverages throughout the day. The design style is relaxed and homely, with references to the rural heritage of the local area and subtle nods to the local trades such as the brewing and leather industry which were the main occupations prior to the growth of Hornchurch as an established town.


The design inspiration for the lounge is a celebration of the Massu family’s home Langton Manor and its famous landscape gardens created by Humphrey Repton. The colours and textures within represent those found in the manor’s landscape alongside a nod to the family’s silk merchant business. Its luxurious design offers residents a range of comfortable seating options and has been designed with a combination of natural and artificial lighting to ensure that those with failing eye sight have enough light to allow them to read.

Facilities include:

  • Combination of sofas, high back chairs and recliners
  • Fireplace & TV
  • Access to cosy corner


The design inspiration for the restaurant is the Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park which showcase Hornchurch’s more scenic personality. The design and finishes will reflect the textures and colours experienced whilst walking through this idyllic watery countryside.  The dining experience is one of the most important parts of the residents’ day, so the room is designed to make sure it is accessible, comfortable and welcoming, with colours to stimulate the appetite. There are varied seating
options to encourage social engagement for those who welcome it and a more private experience for people who prefer to enjoy their meals in peace.

Facilities include seating for 48 Residents and Guests

Private Dining

The interior design for the Private Dining Room complements the Restaurant’s style with its waterside references and colours, but uses a deeper, richer palette, creating a luxurious setting that is characteristic of a Signature Private Dining Room This space can be used for special occasions enabling the residents to invite friends and family to their own private dining room experience.

Facilities Include seating for 8 Residents and Guests


The Pub offers an informal social space for which is inspired greatly by RAF Hornchurch, a hugely important air base used in both World Wars. The Pub will pay homage to this and in particular, have displays of memorabilia to commemorate the war efforts of the air pilots; such as Brendan Finucane, the youngest ever RAF Wing Commander
who took charge of the Spitfire Wing at RAF Hornchurch.

Facilities include:

  • Seating for 12no. Residents & Guests
  • Link to the Activity Room to create a large social space

Activity Room

This is the place to get busy! The room is designed to be flexible and is the location for activities of all sorts. There is a kitchen, space for equipment and even a small stage for performers. Adjacent to the Pub, it links easily to create a space for community gatherings. The colours, patterns and textures continue the style of the Grand Lobby,
reflecting the agricultural history of Hornchurch.

Facilities include:

  • Residents Kitchen
  • Wheeled Activity Tables & high back upholstered chairs for residents’ activities
  • Auditorium Style Demountable Stage


The social opportunities provided by the Hair Salon, Nail Bar and Therapy Room are facilitated by a spacious and stylish interior design that is sympathetic to the building’s interior. Residents can enjoy a pampering experience and a familiar routine as though they were visiting a High Street Salon. The design of the Emporium is a nod to Tiffany’s, with the use of the amazonite marble as a key feature to the space. Amazonite beckons in shades of turquoise and green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. It balances both masculine and female energies, making it the perfect place for both men and women to relax. Equipment and furniture specially suited to the age group allow for an enjoyable hair washing experience whilst the therapy room offers a state of the art three sectional electric couch that provides support to the less physically able residents.

Facilities include:

  • Two Hair Styling Stations
  • One Barber Station
  • Double Hair Wash Basin
  • One Nail Bar Station
  • One Private Therapy Room with
  • Electric Couch

Coffee House

Close to the Hair Salon and Cinema, the Coffee House offers a destination for residents to enjoy a coffee, a chat, read a book or play a game of chess. Warm and wood panelled, the style reflects the grand coffee houses of the last century. Music references will be included in the décor, with local musicians Billy Ocean and Kenny Ball featuring in artwork and memorabilia.

Facilities include:

  • Cafe Servery
  • Bookcases, games
    and storage


Locals of a certain age will remember the celebrated Towers Cinema. Opened in 1935 and sadly now demolished, it was a significant part of the life of Hornchurch.
The interior was wildly ornate, whilst the exterior was considered to be a fine example of modernist style. Emerson Park’s cinema will have seating for only ten, but the big screen experience will be supported by a striking Art Deco presentation.

Facilities include:

  • Seating for 10 Residents
  • Foot rests to front row
  • Drinks fridge
  • Side Tables