In Collaboration with Jane Devonshire, MasterChef 2016 Winner

Since winning MasterChef in 2016, Jane has taken the bull by the food horns and tested herself further by working with a number of amazing chefs including Marcus Wareing, Atul Kochhar, Jason Atherton, Michel Roux and Michael O’Hare at their restaurants.

Jane has presented at numerous food and drink shows around the UK, including the BBC Good Food Show. Her travels have taken her from Edinburgh to Brighton, in the course of which she has developed a love for presenting her recipes and chatting to people about food.

Signature is delighted to be working with Jane to develop our dining experience and to ensure that we are at the cutting edge in terms of nutrition, taste and quality.

Introducing Signature’s Head of Hospitality

My name is Chris Burdett, and my role at Signature is Head of Hospitality. I have been with Signature for more than 11 years. I started as Head Chef at a Signature home in January 2012 and was there for three years. I became Group Food and Beverage Manager in 2015 and, in 2023, was promoted to Head of Hospitality.

Chris finds working with Signature incredibly rewarding, due to “…the ability to make a difference, especially with dementia dining and through the fantastic, holistic services we provide”

Jane Devonshire cookery class and Q&A: BBC MasterChef winner Jane Devonshire hosted a cookery class and Q&A at Signature at Highgate last month.  Jane shared her expertise on transforming the humble roast dinner into a luxurious and inclusive dining experience. She addressed crucial topics during the event, including food wastage and sustainable culinary practices, as well as answering questions about her time on BBC MasterChef. Residents learned how to utilise every part of ingredients, from using leftover carcasses to creating flavourful gravies to turning carrot skins into a rich stock.

Exploring Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine: In response to the evolving dietary preferences of our residents, we recently hosted a masterclass focusing on vegetarian and vegan cooking. Held at one of our trusted suppliers, this event provided valuable insights into creating delicious plant-based meals that cater to diverse tastes and nutritional needs.

Embracing Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering. We prioritise eco-conscious practices across our homes in line with CQC compliance standards and growing environmental awareness. Engaging in masterclasses and resident forums fosters a deeper understanding of seasonal produce, food waste reduction, and the broader impact of our culinary choices.

These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to enhancing the dining experience for our residents while promoting a healthier, more sustainable future. I sincerely appreciate your ongoing dedication to upholding Signature’s high standards of hospitality.

Dining Options

Across all Signature homes we offer choice and variety so that residents fully enjoy their dining experience. Whether you prefer a formal or informal environment, you can choose from a range of options including the formal restaurant areas that offer silver service, informal bistros for a more casual dining experience, café areas near the main entrances for coffee, light bites and snacks. Each home has a private dining room so that residents can enjoy special occasions with family and friends. We even offer alfresco dining on our pretty sun terraces for those long lazy summer days.

At Signature, we take great care to ensure that our food is prepared using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet for all our residents. Our food is made by professionally trained chefs and the delicious menus are inspired by Jane Devonshire, MasterChef 2016 winner.


We take pride in producing healthy, appetising food that provides good nutrition and hydration essential to wellness and the physical and mental well-being of our residents. All our meals are freshly prepared, packed full of flavour and include all the seasonal favourites. In addition to our dining times residents can enjoy a range of lighter meals and snacks throughout the day. We have well-stocked cafés serving speciality teas, freshly ground coffee, flavoured water, fruit juices, homemade cakes and light snacks.

Our café areas provide the perfect environment for family visits as well as socialising with other residents and guests. We make sure that we cater to individual dietary needs and recognise personal preferences and we do all we can to ensure that our residents enjoy their dining experience with Signature. Our homes are fully licensed and stock a great selection of wines, beers and spirits for residents, their guests and visitors to enjoy.

Signature Summer Menu 2024

We are delighted to announce our Summer menu for 2024.  Please see our example menus below.

Sample Lunch Menu – Summer 2024

Sample Dinner Menu – Summer 2024

Bistro Light Bites Menu


Private Dining & Special Occasions

Many Signature homes offer a stylish private dining facility for residents to enjoy with their family and friends. Celebrating happy times, such as birthdays or anniversaries is a lovely way to enjoy the facilities. By request, a special menu can be designed by our head chefs and all our homes are fully licensed offering a great wine list to add to the occasion.

Texture Modified Food

We take our residents’ food requirements very seriously, and spend a great deal of time gaining better knowledge of individuals’ likes and dislikes as well as their dietary requirements. These often cover many complex needs, including providing texture modified food for residents with Dysphagia.
Signature is committed to offering a varied, balanced and attractive menu for residents who suffer from this condition, and we believe that we can offer a dining experience that is inspiring aesthetically, nutritionally and in terms of flavour.

In most care homes, presentation of pureed meals has typically been in the format of pre-prepared meals with little visual stimulation. At Signature, however, we create all our purees from fresh food, and present pureed meals attractively, with the elements of the food as close visually to their original form as possible.

At Signature, we work closely with our residents, their families and our care teams to provide a daily menu for those residents suffering with dysphagia. A typical day’s menu could include toast with jam, sausage, beans and hash browns and roast chicken and vegetables. Afternoon snacks and biscuits are also entirely achievable with the right training.

Signature hosts regular nutritional workshops where chefs can learn and practice new methods. Our chefs have become very accomplished, with many seeing pureed food as a different art form rather than just a medical need. Many of our chefs have even been inspired to enter national competitions and recognised events to highlight dysphagia-friendly food. Watch our video to find out more.

Special Diets

Our chefs offer fresh, seasonal menus that change daily for lunch and dinner. Each menu lists all allergies and we cater for all dietary requirements. Whether it be vegetarian, pescatarian or even vegan, at Signature we go above and beyond to make sure our residents’ tastes and needs are met, and they are well looked after. When a new resident joins a Signature home, we make every effort to learn what the resident likes and do all that we can to meet their tastes and preferences.