Mulling over VE Day

As part of our #VEDay celebrations, we asked our residents if they’d like to share their own memory of the day, which many people were delighted to do.

Here are some of their memories:

Margaret G
The evening before VE Day, I remember hearing the weather forecast after the 6pm radio news – I had never heard a weather forecast during the War (because of information going to the German bombers).

Friday after VE Day
Being taken by my father after Guides to the local station to Charing Cross from where we walked through the milling crowds to the gates of Buckingham Palace. My sister, who was a small 11, was nearly swept underfoot by the crowds!
On the way home, about midnight, in the train from Charing Cross, there were about 25 people in the single compartment (no corridors) aimed to seat 10 people!
My main memory: relief that evacuation, sleeping in shelters, dreaming of home, was over!

Margaret S
VE Day – at last, I am free to choose my future and to live a worthwhile life.

I remember our first car, it was only a 2 seater and my husband took my father out (no room for me) to the VE celebrations