The use of life-like dolls or soft toy animals can bring great benefits to some people with a diagnosis of dementia, particularly those in later stages. Giving life-like dolls or animals to people with dementia is considered by some as a type of therapy; it has therapeutic benefits such as relaxation and pleasure and is not merely ‘playing’ with a toy.
There is evidence showing that the use of dolls or soft toy animals can be particularly helpful for those who may not be engaging with others, or who are restless, distressed or anxious, improving their well-being and ability to communicate.
There is an amazing group of Ladies called Comfort Dolls and Twiddles who work tirelessly to produce wonderful dolls with knitted baby clothing for people living with Dementia that take comfort from Doll Therapy and today Debbie in Auguste was overjoyed to receive a package of seven adorable babies with extra beautifully knitted clothes and little booties.

Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful work. You make such a difference and we are so grateful and proud to know you.