Another year is ending, and we find ourselves saying again Remember, remember the 5th of November. As this year has been particularly interesting we thought it would be a great idea to spend the day engulfed in a different era.

We started our day making sure that we had our Guy Fawkes ready to be sent to the bonfire. We had the perfect guy. Got all the proper clothing, hat and cape and once ready we set the scene for all the residents to see.

In the Meadows we had a great afternoon dressing and organising our display, which took great skill and the clothes were just a little bit big for our Guy (picture this a thing guy about 150cm tall and all clothes were XXL) but finally team work managed to get him ready.

After lunch we sat all together to watch a very interesting documentary and learn  some unknown facts about this story, later we held and animated discussion about the times they were living in and how the country would have been different if Guy Fawkes has succeeded.

As the evening fell, we gather around the Bistro balcony and the restaurants so appreciate the fireworks display organised by Parklands and carefully done by our Maintenance Manager Airan.


It was a day to Remember