We’re so proud to have 11 finalists in this year’s Caring Times National Care Awards 2022, the only care provider to achieve this standard to date!

Signature is proud to announce a great achievement…

We hold an illustrious number of finalists who carry individual nominations for different category. These successes show how we go above and beyond to make sure we provide the best care and

that we can make a difference to those who work with Signature too.

We are most grateful to see growth in providing better experiences for those we care about mostly. We are committed to maintaining our high standards here at Signature from housekeeping and activities to important details in building maintenance.

Signature has accepted these nominations with a huge smile and know that we strive as a team to work harder and work better.

Always looking up with positivity and kindness!

The categories our homes and teams have been nominated for are:

  • Care Operations/Area Manager – Jo Lindley, Care Quality Director

Recruitment and presenting social care as an attractive, fulfilling career are paramount for any high-performing care provider. Jo Lindley has driven the highest standards of quality care and service, while overseeing an operational process of integrating three new care systems and aligning care and quality policies across the business.

  • Care Housekeeper – Dawn Kerry, Regional Housekeeping Support Partner

Signature’s approach to Housekeeping across the organisation is to proactively ensure that its housekeeping operation can help all residents. Dawn has been instrumental in introducing innovative monthly housekeeping forums, which she leads at every Signature home.

  • The Sara Berrio Care Champion – Michele Saunders, Head of Dementia

Signature Senior Lifestyle’s mission is to support residents, relatives and loved ones when coming to terms with and supporting a resident’s dementia diagnosis; along with any misunderstandings seen by many in society. Michele has worked diligently throughout her career to tackle this, and recognises the concerns and confusion about what dementia is, its impact on people living with the condition and supporting their families.

  • Dignity & Respect Care Home of the Year – Signature at Coombe Hill Manor

Coombe Hill Manor is a care home environment that truly champions dignity and respect, ensuring residents can continue their existing lifestyles, and developing tailored care packages supporting their needs. Through its spacious one-bed suites, separate sitting rooms, kitchenettes, and generous communal spaces, they can entertain family and friends in comfort just as they would if living in their own home.

  • Care Home Design of the Year – Signature at Hendon Hall

Signature at Hendon Hall was formerly known as Hendon Manor, dating back to 1756. With such a significant history, the Planning and Property team at Signature Senior Lifestyle approached the development and refurbishment of Hendon Hall with unparalleled attention to detail and modern design.

  • Care Activities Co-ordinator – Patrick Maher, Signature at Chorleywood

Patrick Maher brings artistic flair and an ability to create engaging opportunities for residents through his deep understanding of the care home sector. His passion is building an environment allowing residents to express themselves, and he does so by operating a full-home approach to his activities.

  • Team – Signature at Camberley

Signature at Camberley’s team continually seek imaginative and creative ways to ensure residents’ care is tailored to meet their needs and reflect their preferences. The care team builds caring relationships with residents by truly understanding their personalities and passions to create life-lasting memories. Colleagues always work to understand and eventually fulfil residents’ dreams.

  • Business Initiative – Wake Up to Better Benefits

Signature believes passionately in providing long-lasting and rewarding careers in the sector by developing a supportive team ethos in each of its homes and tailored training and development opportunities to maximise colleagues’ experiences with us. Signature is proud of its ability to retain its loyal and trusted colleagues through creating high-performing and inspiring working environments which offer rewards and recognition schemes that consistently exceed industry standards.

  • Care Home Group Over 10 settings – Signature Senior Lifestyle

Signature Senior Lifestyle leads the way in demonstrating what is possible in the care home sector through combining innovation and new technology to the well-being of residents, their loved ones and our team members. Over 94% of Signature homes are rated as Good or Outstanding with all Signature care homes providing high-quality care in comforting and spacious surroundings.

  • Leadership – Kay Cox, Chief Operating Officer

Kay Cox, Chief Operating Officer at Signature Senior Lifestyle, provided trusted and robust leadership to support more than 3,500 Signature colleagues and 2,000 residents. Under Kay’s leadership, Signature has demonstrated it is a provider passionate about its employees’ well-being. This has been underlined by the business implementing a lasting, fundamental change in paid annual leave for all hourly-paid colleagues in Signature homes, solidifying its position as a leader in the care home industry.

  • Lifetime Achievement – Lisa Pickett, Signature at Camberley

Of the many people who have demonstrated commitment to the life of a care home, few, can replicate the 35 years that Lisa Pickett has dedicated to hundreds of residents who have called Signature at Camberley their home. Lisa’s dedication has allowed her to build caring relationships with residents and become a member of the team that residents trust which has enabled her to make a positive difference for many.