How Smart Gadgets Can Help The Elderly

Smart technology can help older adults live independently.

For older adults, learning to use new technologies can sometimes feel quite daunting, but there are many kinds of smart devices that can make a big difference to their quality of life and help keep them connected with essential services and loved one’s.

Voice assistants have grown in popularity over recent years, and their capabilities are constantly increasing. Any trouble using these gadgets there a video tutorials or asking family how to use these devices.

New smart home devices with ever more impressive capability are becoming available all the time. If you build your system bit by bit and test as you go, the process usually goes very smoothly indeed.

Whilst they were once considered a novelty and nothing more, smart homes these days have numerous practical uses that suit everyone across all age groups and demographics. In fact, many of these smart home gadgets and technologies are excellent for older people and simplify access to useful technology rather than complicate it.

Smart home gadgets (Alexa, Google next, & iPad and tablet facetiming)

Tablets can make video calls when requested, software within these gadgets is made to respond to vocal command the same way when used physically.

GPS trackers in most devices (iPhones Find My Phone) can be useful in case people feel endangered while taking and want to be found after calling for help.

AI gadgets can call for emergency help and send alerts for accidents and falls.

Paired with a personal alarm that can be pressed by the older person if they have a fall, feel unwell or need some reassurance at any time of the day or night – the emergency response team can alert family members, designated carers or the emergency services if required.

Having a fall is one of the biggest worries for elderly people, particularly if you are unable to contact a relative or ambulance for help. Personal alarms can make a real difference.

Smart technology solution to forgetting medication.

Are you worried that your parents will forget to take their pills? Forgetting to take pills can be a real problem, particularly for people living with dementia. It can be tiring to constantly call your parents to check that they have taken the medicine they were supposed to. Automatic pill dispensers or reminders are one of the most helpful attributes via an app for anyone.

Smart gadgets – Fitness watches/tracker

  • Pedometers
  • Smart watches (Fitbit, Apple, Samsung)

A device such as a smart watch, fitness tracker or a pedometer can help track all kinds of physical activity and gives your elderly loved one a realistic target each day for activity that can help them stay healthier for longer, both in body and mind.

These devices may motivate residents to reach certain goals per day like counting steps and logging exercise or activities.

These devices generate calming natural sounds to help those with trouble sleeping relax, leading to an easier time falling asleep.

Kitchen gadgets like robot vacuum cleaners and electric can openers.

Most devices of this type can also make voice phone calls with just a command, which can be vital in an emergency or if your loved one isn’t near their phone.