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Lovely activities planned at Wimbledon!

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Lovely activities planned at Wimbledon!

15th October

Clare visits

10:15am Coffee Morning at Ackroyden Hall Community Centre

11:30am Ballroom Dancing with Chris (Orange Lounge)

2:30pm Staff and Residents Team Building (Dining Room)

4:30pm Debate Club with Fiona: Abortion Law (Orange Lounge)

8:00pm ‘Autumnwatch’ on BBC Two (Reception)

16th October

Hairdresser Michelle visits

10:00am Interactive Crosswords with Alessia (Main Lounge)

2:00pm Greenwood Nursery School visit (Orange Lounge)

2:30pm Jenny Sinclair Singing (Main Lounge)

4:00pm General Knowledge Quiz with Alessia (Main Lounge)

8:00pm ‘Autumnwatch’ on BBC Two (Reception)

17th October

Clare visits

10:00am Virtual Reality with Juliana (Main Lounge)

12:30pm Pub Lunch at The Telegraph Pub (Please write your name on the Notice Board if you would like to attend)

4:30pm Choir ‘Songs on Wheels’ sing (Main Lounge)

8:00pm ‘Autumnwatch’ on BBC Two (Reception)

18th October

Massage Therapist Sylvia visits

11:30am Knit and Natter with Fiona (Library)

2:30pm Chair Exercises with Turkan (Main Lounge)

4:30pm Classical Music and Drinks with Fiona (Main Lounge)

8:00pm ‘Autumnwatch’ on BBC Two (Reception

19th October

Hairdresser Michelle visits

11:00am Shopping Trip with Yasmin (Southside Shopping Centre)

11:30am Gentle Exercises with Fiona (Main Lounge)

2:30pm Bridge Club with Fiona (Orange Lounge)

4:30pm Table Tennis Tournament with Fiona (Main Lounge)

7:00pm Scrabble Group (Reception)

20th October

11:00am Tea at The Windmill Café

11:00am Classical Music (Lounge)

2:50pm ‘Britain’s Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF’ on BBC Two (Main Lounge)

4:30pm Sherry Aperitif with Alessia (Main Lounge)

6:45pm ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on BBC One (Main Lounge)

21st October

9:45am Sunday Mass at Our Lady and St Peter Catholic Church

11:30am Eva the Pianist performs in the Lounge

2:55pm ‘Songs of Praise’ on BBC One (Main Lounge)

4:00pm ‘The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein’ Documentary (Main Lounge)

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