Cliveden Manor residents are delighted to have been given the chance to enjoy a weekly ‘virtual shopping’ trip throughout September at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill store, which is based in the Flowerland Garden Centres at Bourne End.


Activities Manager Natalie joined Pam in the store itself. Natalie video-called Cliveden Manor and her video was enlarged onto a large screen TV in our activities room.

Residents had been set up with their own personal shopping time and enjoyed their virtual trip around the store, pointing out what they liked the look of, with Natalie showing them a variety of styles, colours and sizes.

When everybody had made their choices, Natalie returned with bags full of the new items, for everyone to try on for size during the week.

Next Tuesday she will return to them for the next of our weekly trips.

Already a huge success on our activities calendar, with thanks to Janet and Pam for allowing our residents to go shopping again.