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The Beeches’ 100% NAPA Score

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The Beeches’ 100% NAPA Score

national activity providers association

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) is responsible for granting a score to the activities teams at care homes across the nation. On May, last year, it was The Beeche’s turn to go through the strict audit.
The activities manager, Mari Higginson, worked really hard to set the bar high for all the activity provision at The Beeches. Her effort was more than enough to guarantee the home a 100% score from the NAPA auditors. A perfect score!
The NAPA assessment highlighted how Mari made considerable progress, from her last audit last year, with the introduction of many new innovative ideas.
The whole team is well supported by a general manager who is passionate about the role of activities and always gives good encouragement.
It was also noted that, while observing the activities team work, it was clear that they all had a very caring and thoughtful attitude towards the residents. Mari believes the residents should be allowed to lead their lives as they wish and maintain as much independence and choice as possible.

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