For Christmas we decided to put together a special entertainment for the residents which involved having our wonderful staff dressing up, acting and signing 12 Days of Christmas.
Our staff came up with great ideas for performances and let’s not forget the outstanding outfits;
Di (carer) dressed up as a blonde maid
Julie (carer) dressed in a onesie cow outfit with water-filled rubber gloves tied for milking!
Three Housekeepers and one of their lovely daughters had bird masks and wore a French Berry with a red scarf.
Katheryn (receptionist) did a play on 11 Pipers Piping, therefore, dressed up as a chef with a cake piping bag.
Cheryl (HR Manager) made a drummer’s outfit and drummed her piece.
George (chef) wore a skirt with a shirt marked ‘9’.
Finally, Donna (carer) made 7 beautiful swimming swans.
We only had 10 minutes to practice before heading to the Otter Café where all the residents were ready and waiting. We were all a bit nervous at first due to a few mistakes but that made the performance even funnier! Residents and staff laughed so much and it was lovely to see some even joining in to sing along. The performance was a great success as residents were still talking about it for the next few days.
An exhibition was held to show some of the props that we had made and it already got us thinking of ways to better the show next year.