An action packed week at Rosebery Manor

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An action packed week at Rosebery Manor

16th May

10.15am Headlines with Cathy in Café 

10.30am Exercise in the activity Room with Hilary

11.30am Word wheel  in lounge with Cathy

2.00pm Bridge Club in the activity room

3.00pm Crosswords in the lounge with Suzanne

7.30pm Word wheels in the Café with Jo

17th May

10.00am Residents forum in the activity room

11.30am Exercises with Amanda in the activity room

Residents shopping done by Denise

2.00pm Art with Jane in activity room

3.00pm Welcome Tea for Sue Cole our new CSM in Café

4.00pm Walks with Jo & Cathy by request

7.30pm Pub night in Café with Jo & Cathy

18th May

9.45am Headlines in Café with Denise

10.30am Manicures with Jo on request

2.00pm Shopping trip with Cathy & Jo

2.30pm Dianne makes boxed cards with us in the activity room

7.30pm Games with Cathy in the Café

19th May

9.45am Headlines in the Café with Denise

10.30am Trip to Eltham Palace with Karen & Cathy

11.30am Crossword in the lounge with Suzanne

3.30pm Wine tasting  in the Bistro lounge area

4.00pm Raffle for The Alzheimer’s Society – Will be drawn in Bistro area

7.30pm Quiz in the Café with Jo

20th May

10.00am Visit Isabella Plantation with Paul & Cathy

11.00am Flower arranging in activity room with Suzanne

3.00pm Exercise session with Paul in the activity room

4.00pm Garden games with Cathy

7.30pm ‘˜Buster’, the story of Buster Edward’s part in ‘˜The Great Train Robbery’ showing in home theatre (93 mins)

21st May

11.30am Word puzzles in the lounge with Jo

One to ones with Jo

3.00pm Bingo in the Café with Jo

One to ones with Jo

7.30pm Eliza singing in Lounge area

22nd May

9.30am Bus to Church service with Jo

Sherry social with Jo in Café

2.00pm Manicures with Jo on request

3.00pm Games in the Café with Jo

7.30pm ‘˜My Left Foot’, The story of Christy Brown’s struggle with cerebral palsy showing in home theatre (99 mins)

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