A full week of activities, join in the fun

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A full week of activities, join in the fun

9th May

10.15am Headlines with Paul in Café 

10.30am Exercise in the activity Room with Hilary

11.30am Word wheel  in lounge with Paul

2.00pm Bridge Club in the activity room

3.00pm Crosswords in the lounge with Suzanne

7.30pm ‘˜Ring Of Bright Water’ starring Virginia McKenna showing in home theatre (102 mins)

10th May

10.30am Residents meeting in the activity room

11.30am Exercises with Amanda in the activity room

Residents shopping done by Denise

2.00pm Art with Jane in activity room

3.00pm ‘˜Birds of Prey’ visiting in the conservatory

7.30pm Bingo with Cathy in the Café

11th May

9.45am Headlines in Café with Denise

10.30am Gardening meeting with Jo & Dean in the Conservatory

Manicures with Jo on request

2.00pm Shopping trip with Paul & Jo

3.00pm Holy Communion in the activity room

3.00pm Emma H singing in the Oaks lounge (2nd floor)

7.00pm Word puzzles with Jo in the Café

12th May

10.30am Exercises in the activity room with Cathy

11.45am Lunch trip to Loch Fyne, Cobham, with Karen & Cathy

3.00pm Geoff singing in the Bistro area

5.00pm Queens 90th Birthday Tea celebration in Bistro & dining areas

7.30pm Royal trivia quiz with Jo in the Café

13th May

9.45am News with Denise in Café

10.00am Bus leaves for lunch trip to private garden in Cobham (£15 cost) with Karen & Suzanne

10.30am Manicures with Jo on request

3.00pm Flower arranging in activity room with Jo

7.30pm ‘˜The Graduate’ starring Anne Bancroft & Dustin Hoffman showing in home theatre (102 mins)

14th May

10.30am Exercises with Cathy in the activity room

One to ones with Cathy

3.00pm Table tennis with Cathy in activity room

One to ones with Cathy

7.30pm Oli singing in Lounge area

15th May

9.30am Bus to Church service with Cathy

Sherry social with Cathy in Café

3.00pm Games in the Café with Cathy

One to ones with Cathy

7.30pm ‘˜Carry On Camping’ starring The Carry on Team showing in home theatre (85 mins)

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