Having taken a degree in Ceramics our Activities Assistant Selena decided to offer pottery classes to our residents. There was quite an interest, especially when they heard how they could progress with each class and learn different ways of building pots.


Selena started off the first class with making coil pots. Having demonstrated techniques and given tips they eagerly set to by rolling out long lengths of clay, like short lengths of ropes. They then coiled these around and around, like a Katherine Wheel, to form the base. Subsequent coils were made and attached the outside edge of their base, after scoring and using water to make it glue together. They continued to do this, so building up the walls of their pots and forming the shape. Selena showed them how they could make the walls straight, into a vase like pot or flare it out to form a bowl that could be used for trinkets and such like.


One resident came up with the idea of forming a handle with his last coil. The other residents thought this and excellent idea which inspired them to create various handles too. At the end of the class everyone was very impressed with their own and each other’s pots and were looking forward to decorating them.