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Easter Fun

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Easter Fun

We started Easter 3 days early at Parklands by decorating up The Otter Café on Tuesday, ready for our Interdepartmental Easter Bonnet Parade the next day, which followed our Staff Recognitions. This meant that when Jenny, from Housekeeping, collected her recognition she was dressed as a bunny!

The Residents were the judges and all had a voting slip for 1 bonnet, which they posted into the ballot box. There was stiff competition between the departments with some amazing and beautifully made entries! 4 departments ended up coming 3rd so we had a lucky dip to decide… The Restaurant got picked. 2nd went to The Kitchen with their fun last minute ‘Put Together’ which was worn with great style! And 1st prize went to The Activities with their ‘Flying Chicks off a Sunflower’ bonnet.

On Thursday some Residents got into the spirit of the occasion by opening a bottle of wine to go with the Ballroom Dancing and which carried on into the evening!

For Good Friday we had a Residents and Staff Social… eating buttered Hot Cross Buns together along with teas, coffees and a group Crossword which was very enjoyable.

Saturday started off with an Easter Themed Crossword and Quiz either side of morning exercises. In the afternoon Residents got excited and quite competitive with the Easter Picture Bingo. This was followed by an Easter Egg Hunt where Residents were given anagram clues to find the Lindt Bunnies hidden around The Otter Café. They had fun and did really well in solving these and helping each other that everyone

Sunday was busy with friends and relatives arriving for lunch or taking Residents out for the day.

For our final day of Easter fun, on Monday, Residents enjoyed an Easter Trail which involved solving clues and identifying close up photos of places where further clues were hidden. The finally entailed one resident going up to the 3rd floor, to the snooker table, where the Lindt Eggs were nestled amongst the snooker balls, which took a bit of finding!

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