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Children from Nursery Come and Visit Parklands Manor!

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Children from Nursery Come and Visit Parklands Manor!

The symbiotic power of intergenerational relationships has been featured a lot in the news recently, so we decided to join in and invite some children to Parklands.

One lovely Thursday, we had the pleasure of the company of 6 children from the local ‘Toad Hall’ nursery in Ottershaw. The children bounded in holding hands with their nursery teachers and wearing high visibility jackets as they had been walking up to us. Immediately they were shown the pond and the moorhens and then they had some juice and introduced themselves to our residents.
The children had kindly made the residents some beautiful drawings that they had done at nursery. The residents were very grateful and marvelled over the children’s talented artwork.
Then it was time for fun as Simon the ballroom dancer arrived. We did it a bit differently and had some songs that the children knew and danced to. They also sang some of their favourite nursery rhymes.

The children and residents recharged with snacks from the kitchen and finally they had a look around the rest of the home including the cinema which they liked very much. We are already planning when the children can come back to watch a film.

Everyone had a wonderful time and lots of laughter. This is now going to be a regular fixture on the Parklands calendar as we will see the children once a month.
We look forward to the next time on July the 3rd.

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