Signature decided to organise several knickerbocker glory competitions for residents of each of the organisation’s homes.

The judge was none other than Jane Devonshire, MasterChef 2016 winner who has been involved with the development of the Signature menus and has been coming up with new and innovative meals and ideas with the kitchen staff over the last year and a half.

Parklands Manor asked three of our residents to represent the home in the competition. John M, John C and Avril C. John M had been doing research beforehand on how to make the best knickerbocker glory.

Elton House, Wimbledon, and Cliveden Manor were also making theirs, at the same time on a zoom call link. First off, Jane showed us how to make a unique knickerbocker glory with lots of layers and then it was time for all of the residents to get creative.

Richard, the Head Chef had provided the residents with chocolate, edible flowers, kiwi, strawberries, figs, meringue, ice cream, cream, and raspberry sauce for them to choose from and they made their creations in 10 minutes.

Jane then voted for one resident to win out of each home and John C was awarded for his creation.

We had a really good time and enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a competition.