The Activities Team have been coming up with new ways of encouraging Meadows Residents to be more independent, to have more feelings of satisfaction and self-worth.

Having research ideas and products I found an adjustable trolley with 2 trays and brakes which would mean Residents could help to serve food and juices, help carers with getting things and use it to assist us when we do activities.

When it arrived a Meadows Resident, who has a very practical, mathematical mind, said he would help me put it together. He, and another resident, unwrapped it all and then he inspected each piece. Once he got his head around what each piece was, we started putting it together. It was very useful having him help as he had a stronger grip for tightening than me!

We then got a resident to test the trolley by bringing juices to the activities room… it worked really well. We now are finding lots of ways Meadows Residents can use it.