We are in the fortunate position that we have had zero cases of COVID-19 at Signature, Wandsworth Common. All our team have tested negative for the virus and we are now starting a bi-weekly testing regime to minimise risks. We purchased excess stocks of all PPE well in advance, so have plenty of stocks here in the home. Prior to launching we overrecruited in all departments ensuring our teams were trained and ready to welcome our residents. Since the lockdown many of our management team and carers have chosen to move into the home on a separate floor in order to reduce contact with others. As a registered nursing home we also have nurses on had 24 hours a day giving that extra peace of mind.
A number of residents have chosen to self-isolate here with us in the home to ensure they are getting the help and support that they need for their all around wellbeing during this challenging time including nutrition, care, nursing, activities and social interaction. Our current residents continue to enjoy all the facilities that the home has to offer as well as a full in-house activities schedule