Our Activities team are constantly seeking new ways of entertaining. Let it be an entertainer, some sights to see on our bus trips, interesting subjects to have conversation groups about or in this case, a new game which both fun, but still makes us think and push us to try and explore other possibilities.

Before introducing a new game to our residents, they have to explore its potential and find ways to make easy to enjoy, yet rewarding to play.

The Mexican domino can be played by 2-7 players, giving a lot of room for strategy and comebacks and twists. The game has 8 game pieces, 7 of them belongs to each player and the 8th one symbolising an open line which every player can play.
Unlike the classic domino game, its tiles are numbered up to 12, showing us the number of maximum rounds per game.
The game starts with Round 12 and in its longest can descend to Round 0!

Each player has 7 tiles to begin with and in Round 12 the players who have the Double 12 tile, starts the game on its own line. In this round, each player has to open their lines with a tile of 12 in order to start their own line.
The aim of the game to lay all of our tiles on the lines open for us. The winner of the round will lose 10 points and the others must add up their points according to the tiles they have left, and five them to their total score.
At the end of the game, the player with the lowest score wins!

The team had a great time learning this game and are really eager to present it to our residents