Resident Ted recently celebrated his 100th birthday at Cliveden Manor Care Home in Marlow, surrounded by his family and all the friends he has made since moving into Cliveden Manor 5 years ago.

Ted grew up in Liverpool, number 3 of 6 children, in a tiny terraced house with an outside lavatory, no central heating and certainly no mod cons.
It was a hard life with little money, but Ted remembers the pride of all the women in the street, who would be out early scrubbing their front doorsteps and everyone’s back yard was always immaculate.

Ted joined the Cheshire Regiment when War broke out and spent the next 6 years in the army in India, Ceylon and Burma. He never saw home for 4 years. When the War ended, he met & married Rene, and they had 2 daughters. Ted has been a family man all his life, he’s happiest when his family are around him, and his large family now includes 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. A lifelong supporter of Everton Football Club, he still embraces life, enjoying many of the activities at Cliveden Manor. His latest new activity is trying to improve his French!