The preparations for our Halloween Party have been under way this week with Staff being creative by decorating Witches Hats for a competition parade with some of the staff taking hours to complete their creations.


Decorations went up around our home to help create the Halloween atmosphere. The day before several residents came to a Pumpkin Carving Demonstration where they learnt all sorts of carving tips and techniques and were delighted to see a carving as they had never experienced it before. It took not only a lot of patience on my behalf to carve it but I felt they all had a lot of patience sitting and watching for nearly two hours, but they said it was just fascinating.


On Friday we were all finally ready for the Parade residents were all gathered and Ana our activities Manager acted as the host of the Parade, announcing who was coming and giving a little description of the hats. Residents were amazed at the creativity of all the hats that were on display. After good consideration residents decided that the winning hat was the one done by the Kitchen and Restaurant Team. After this the Parade moved on to our Dementia suit were we went through the same procedure, we announced all the hats and the residents were cheering for their favourite. The winner was the hat made by the Meadows Staff and modelled by Courtney, (who works on the Dementia Suite) maybe it was a little bias????? But the main thing is that we all had a good laugh and the residents has a good afternoon