Last Wednesday we had all the gents of Coombe descend upon the activity room for their own special gents club luncheon. In a home outnumbered by the ladies, we make an extra effort with our gents and Joel our activity assistant holds a gents club where they suggested a gents lunch. Joel has previously taken the gents out before for lunch but as they say ‘you can’t beat a good home-cooked food’. They say before Anne our Mary berry of Coombe and a couple of other ladies helped Anne to make the tiramisu pudding. We laid the tables and played some classical jazz music as Anne dished up her delicious lasagne, garlic bread and salad. There wasn’t a single bit left once we had all finished! After a glass of red wine our gents chatted, reminisced and we played some music requests for them that took them back to some gorgeous memories. What a special afternoon thank you, Anne and Joel!