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(see notes above) The weather has been so good lately that we have been getting out and enjoying our glorious garden that we are so lucky to have here at Parklands Manor.

Now there are 3 types of garden visitor, the first goes for a fast-paced walk around the pond to get some exercise, the next sits and enjoys the sun, perhaps whilst eating an ice lolly or reading a book. The third type of garden visitor here are the garden helpers. We have a resident who regularly enjoys watering the plants in the raised beds and herbaceous borders which no doubt in this hot weather the plants are very grateful for. We also have some much-needed helpers who tidy up and deadhead spent flowerheads and cut back perennials to keep them flowering later in the season.

Gardening is good for the soul; it helps the body physically with bending and moving and it helps us mentally as we watch the fruits of our labour coming to fruition.