We had so much going on, on our Thursday VE Day celebrations, that the Residents didn’t have time to have a go at flying the spitfire plane that one of the activities assistants had made especially for it.

So, on Friday VE Day celebrations we took the plane, the very large sky background, a Biggle’s hat, goggles, white silk scarf and a union jack flag around to all the Resident. They had so much fun dressing up in the flying props and putting an arm casually over the side of the Spitfire as if they were going to fly it. They were all so amazed when they saw the photo of themselves as they thought it looked like they really had been up in a spitfire, just could believe it! They laughed so much and looked forward to sending the photos to their relatives to prove they had flown a spitfire at the VE Day Celebrations.

We were surprised at how many residents wanted to join in the fun and it took us most of the day to get around to everyone. Some residents wanted to change their clothes or brush their hair ready. For others, who were in bed, we managed to get it looking like they were flying their bed up in a spitfire! One Resident had a photo of her and her dog in the Spitfire. It was a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and sense of fun.

We sent out a copy of the photos to the residents’ families and they thought it was so funny. One of our residents is so proud as the photo of her has been sent to relatives all around the world and felt she had gone viral! It was a great way to end a splendid 2 day VE Day celebration.