Here at Parklands Manor we enjoy a bit of friendly competition, so we thought as we hadn’t had one in a while we would do a bake-off competition between each department.

One member of staff from every department was responsible for making a delicious batch of cupcakes with lots of decorative features that were easy on the eye. The residents then judged the cupcakes by appearances first. All the cupcakes were laid out on the table in the café and residents poured over them, carefully making a decision about which cupcakes should come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

It was time to announce the winners. In 1st place was the Night Carers represented by Ruel and Daniella with their professional pigs, bee and sheep cupcakes.
In 2nd place was the Sales team represented by Judy who had done chocolate and strawberry cupcakes. In 3rd place was the Activity Team represented by Selena who had made flowery cupcakes.

Then it was time to taste everybody’s creations. The winning department got a bottle of wine and a certificate.