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The Twelve Lunch Club

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The Twelve Lunch Club

Residents at the Twelve Lunch Club

Coombe Hill Manor hosted our third Twelve Lunch in our activities room.
The preparation for the lunch is always done the day before and on the day all hands are on deck to peel the spuds and cut the vegetables.

As always, our chefs, Anne Conquest and our activities assistant were joined by our master chef and baker, Anne, one of our residents. Irene made all of our table cloths and napkins which took her two days to finish.
The invitations were given to the residents. On the menu we had Cumberland sausages and mash with onion gravy and savoy cabbage, with a magnificent desert of lemon meringue pie.

A truly scrumptious feast was had by all of our twelve diners!

We are looking forward to suggestions for the next luncheon.

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