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Rejoice the Summer with More Fun Activities at Coombe

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Rejoice the Summer with More Fun Activities at Coombe

16th July


10am Tai Chi
with Charles in Café Renoir

11am Crosswords in Café Renoir

11:15am One to Ones with Anne on the First Floor

1pm onwards All Aboard! Decorating the staircase with the Activities team

2.30pm Scrabble in the Library

3pm Debbie’s SAIL AWAY Signature Songtime in Café Renoir

7:30pm Movie Night in
the cinema ‘Show Boat’(113m)

17th July


10:30am Mexican Oomph! in Café Renoir

11:30am Crosswords in the Cafe

2pm Get your Mexican inspired photograph taken on the deck by Lisa Maria featuring Frida Kahlo and her entourage!

2:15pm Bridge Group in the Library

3pm Xavier Infante, Mariachi Entertainment! In Café Renoir. There will be Nachos!

7.15pm Carry on Cruising! Comedy movie in the Gold Lounge

18th July


10:30am Crosswords in the Café

10:30am Jim‘s Piano Half Hour in Café Renoir

10:45am Catholic Communion in the Orange Lounge, Auguste

11:30am Yoga Exercise with Nita in the Activities Room

3pm Le Caribe Steel Band play! In the Garden
Rum punch will be served

7:30pm Wednesday Night
Film ‘Out of Africa’ (2h34) In the cinema

19th July


10am Daily Crosswords in Café Renoir

10:30am Hawaiian Oomph! in Café Renoir

3pm to 4:30pm
Hawaiian Party Afternoon with tropical punch and music! There will be a special presentation – Georgia’s Aloha Elevation Display! Today is Georgia’s last day before she goes back to Wales!

8pm Sudoku with reception in Café Renoir

20th July


10am Crosswords in Café Renoir

11:30am Core Strength Exercise With Amanda in Café Renoir

2:15pm Bridge Group in the Library

2:30pm Come Dancing with Simon in Café Renoir

4pm Jim Allgrove’s ‘Best of British’ Entertainment in the Garden (weather permitting)

7:30pm Cinema Night – ‘H.M.S Defiant’ (97m)

21st July

10.30am Daily Crosswords in Café Renoir

11am Gentle Exercise in the Activities Room

11:45am Walk in the Garden

2:15pm Scrabble Group with our volunteer Al in the Activities Room

3:30pm The Lady in Red Plays in Café Renoir

7:30pm Saturday Night at the Movies showing ‘Under Siege’ (98m) in the Cinema

22nd July

9:30am Church Services- Locally

10:30am Daily Crosswords with Staff in the Café GF

12pm Pre-lunch drinks in Café Renoir

3pm Civilisation DVD by Lord Clark episode 8) The Light of Experience in the Gold Lounge

6.30pm BBC Country File in the Gold Lounge

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