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Living Eggs

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Living Eggs

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Last Monday, April 10th, we had the pleasure of receiving, again, the living eggs.
We received 10 eggs, an incubator, a grey box and some food.
The table was set in place, staff and residents came to see the eggs and put their names for the sweepstake.
Wednesday morning, we saw the first egg hatch at 9:50. The second, 3 minutes later.
They all came very quickly, but we managed to gather a few residents and staff to witness this miracle.
By noon, we had already 6 of them. By Thursday, we had 10 out of 10, all healthy and fluffy. 7 boys and three girls. Due to the Holy Week, we named them accordingly: Bartholomew, Zachariah, Ruth, Samson, Delilah, Salomon, Yesabel, Joseph, Jacob and Simeon.
They will be with us until Friday next week and hopefully by then we can find loving homes for all of them.

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