Let’s All Join the Weekly Activities at Coombe Hill Manor!

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Let’s All Join the Weekly Activities at Coombe Hill Manor!

8th January

10am Tai Chi with Charles in Café Renoir

11am – 12.30pm Sheila’s Shop Sale in the Garden Room

11am Crosswords in Café Renoir

11.15am onwards Mandy room visits on first floor today

3.30pm Scrabble Group in the Activities Room

4pm Debbie’s Signature Songtime in the Gold Lounge

7.30pm Movie Night in
the cinema 2F ‘Easter Parade’ (1h31m)

9th January

10.30am Oomph! With Anne in Café Renoir

11.30am Crosswords in Café Renoir

2.30pm Bridge Group in the Library

2.30pm Knit & Natter with Mandy – New Year Ideas in the Activities Room

2.45pm Baking Cookies with the two Annes in the Activities Room

3pm Great Artists – Vermeer, Turner, Van Gough with Lisa Maria in the Gold Lounge

7.15pm The Trivia with Lisa Maria & Mandy in the Gold Lounge

10th January

10.30am Crosswords in the Café

10.45am Catholic Communion in the Orange Lounge, Auguste

11.30am Gentle Yoga
Exercise with Nita in Activities

2pm Shopping Trip to the Unilever Cafe. Please pre-book with Activities

7.30pm Wednesday Night
Film ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’ (2h9m) In the cinema, 2F

11th January

10am Daily Crosswords in Café Renoir GF

10.30am Oomph! With Debbie in Cafe Renoir GF

2.30pm Bridge Group in
the Library

2.30pm Art Group with Georgia in the Art Studio

3pm Scrabble Group in the Activities Room

3pm Ballet Afternoon with Mandy ‘The Nutcracker – Act 2’ in the Cinema with tea & biscuits

8pm Sudoku with reception in Café Renoir GF

12th January

10am Morning Crosswords in Café Renoir

11am Reverend Carolyn Visits from The Church of England in the Activities Room

11.30am Core Strength Exercise with Amanda in Café Renoir

2.30pm Come Dancing with Simon in Café Renoir GF

3pm Staff & Resident Social alongside the afternoon
dancing in Cafe Renoir

7.30pm Cinema Night
‘Quartet’ (1h39m)

13th January

10.30am Daily Crosswords in
Café Renoir GF

11am Gentle Exercise in the Activities Room 1F

2.30pm Scrabble Group in the library 1F

2.30pm Volunteers Hour with our volunteers Lucile, Abigail and Manon in the Activities Room & Library 1F

3.30pm The Lady in Red Plays in Café Renoir

7.30pm Saturday Night at the Movies showing ‘Frida’ (2h3m) in the Cinema

14th January

9:30am Church Services- Locally

10:30am Daily Crosswords with Staff in the Café GF

12pm Pre-lunch drinks in Café Renoir

3pm Jeremy Paxman’s Empire episode two in the Gold Lounge

4.20pm BBC Songs of Praise
Gold Lounge GF

6.30pm BBC Country File in the Gold Lounge

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