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Ewell Court Outing for Tea

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Ewell Court Outing for Tea

residents enjoying tea in the tea room

Now that the weather is improving, we thought it would be nice to have a bus trip to Ewell Court to enjoy a little walk near the lake and a cup of tea.
Last Wednesday, we also ventured out with some of our residents and a family member for a pleasant morning out.
It was a windy and cloudy morning, so we went straight to the Tea Room. We sat down and enjoyed a nice hot drink.
Right outside the room, they had a beautiful plant nursery. As usual, Irene, one of our residents, found a nice plant to buy and brought it back to embellish her balcony.
Also, Anne, the activities assistant, spotted a nice Magnolia she thought it would be a good idea to bring along and plant it with the residents in the gardening club.
However, Sarah, the daughter of another resident, beat us to it. Now the magnolia will be planted outside Hazel´s room.
It was a very nice time, alongside some great people

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