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Easter Egg Decorations

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Easter Egg Decorations

Easter is approaching fast, so we organised an Easter egg decoration afternoon.
Last year we hosted the living eggs, and Sonya, our general manager, took 6 of the chicks to live with her. This year, she brought the eggs that the hens laid, for us to decorate and display.
On the internet, we found fun ways to do it using painting and shaving foam.
All was ready: containers, eggs, painting and shaving foam. So, from there on it was just a matter of having as much fun as we could.
There were lots of jokes and laughter around, while rolling the eggs in the mixtures.
After a while, we were all wondering if the eggs would look like the photos from the internet.
We finished rolling all the eggs and left them to dry. Later the eggs were cleaned and… obviously, they didn’t look anything like the photos.
There was nothing left to do but laugh, because now for Easter we are going to stick to the chocolate eggs and use the ones we decorated to have a great pre-historic afternoon with dinosaur eggs in display!!!


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