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Coombe infants play day

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Coombe infants play day

Coombe Hill Infants spent the morning with our residents at Coombe Hill
This Is the second morning ” play day ” we have had in a short time.
The children aged 5 & 6yrs come along for an activity morning with our
residents. News of them coming again spread around the residents and more
joined us this time.
The children chatted, and the residents helped the children with the various
activities we had put out. (Lego, play-dough, colouring pictures and icing
biscuits) After having drinks together one of our residents, who was a
teacher, read a story to the children. Before they returned to school they
sang some songs to us.
They will be returning next month to sing some Christmas songs, and another
play day will be arranged for the new year. In the mean time we are
arranging to take some of our residents to the school to read with the


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