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Coombe 3rd Anniversary Party

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Coombe 3rd Anniversary Party

coombe third anniversary party

It has been 3 years since we started this adventure at Coombe Hill Manor. So many memories, loads of good times and laughter, sad moments also when we had to say goodbye to some of our beloved residents.

However, now, it’s time for celebration.
Last Tuesday we all got together to celebrate our anniversary party. Ana from the activities team came up with the idea to have a themed party. 70’s disco party, and it was 4th of July so we also had some red, white and blue decoration.

Staff members were dressed in red, white and blue, and some others preferred some fancy 70’s costumes.
It was a lovely afternoon, the whole community got together in the garden.
Jim Allgrove was playing his guitar. We had a quick intermediate where some of the staff showed their dancing skills, which they have been learning for the past few weeks.
We had 70’s disco divas and a few of the village people. Residents were very pleased with our little presentation, and after 4 days they are still talking about the outfits, the dancing and the great time they all had.

Here is to the first 3 years of hopefully many more.


coombe 70's disco party

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