Congratulations to Lisa Maria and the Activities Team – 100% in their NAPA Audit

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Congratulations to Lisa Maria and the Activities Team – 100% in their NAPA Audit

100% achieved at Coombe Hill Manor

It was a pleasure to meet Lisa Maria in her post as activity coordinator.

Lisa Maria is an accomplished artist and has many of her paintings on display in the art gallery. She is also involved in helping the residents who wish to draw or paint.

The home has an excellent team of activity coordinators with various skills and these skills are used by Lisa for the benefit of the residents as well as the satisfaction of the staff involved.

There are volunteers in the home for example a string quartet and a jazz group entertain. Also a company called Songs on Wheels visits.

One of the coordinators is a textile designer and she is designing memory boxes for the residents in the dementia unit. She also holds sensory days where she does massage, plays classical music and involves the residents in flower arranging where they can touch and smell the flowers as well as looking at the beautiful colours even if they are not able to actually arrange them. This is covering many of the essential core needs.

There is a happy and calm atmosphere throughout the home. Staff and residents spoken to expressed satisfaction in all aspects of the activity provision and spoke very highly of Lisa Maria and her team. One resident said she had never before had so much choice in how to occupy her time and was very grateful.


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