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Another Great NAPA Victory for Coombe!

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Another Great NAPA Victory for Coombe!

national activity providers association

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) once again granted the Coombe Hill Manor care home a 100% score for their amazing activities programme.
The members of the activities team at this top-notch Signature home are no strangers to awards and recognitions for their consistently great efforts. And this year’s NAPA evaluation was only a further confirmation of this trend.
Special praise was bestowed upon Lisa Maria, activities manager, and her tireless and hard-working activities team.
As the audit itself states, Lisa has many excellent skills and is also an inspiration to everyone around. Her helpfulness is extended way beyond the activities team, which prompted many colleagues from different departments to speak very highly of her.
Furthermore, she always tries to involve everyone in the activity provision, ensuring they have suitable training and support.
The activity staff work well with Lisa, while she allocates each individual skill – and there are many – in the right places, making sure to give all residents the best possible experience.
Many new activities are in place this year, and following conversations with several residents and members of staff, there seems to be no end to the imagination and sheer hard-work put in by the whole team.
“This was a truly inspiring visit.” NAPA words, not ours!

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