All Ready for Another Round of Activities at Coombe? (from the 25th to 1st July)

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All Ready for Another Round of Activities at Coombe? (from the 25th to 1st July)

25th June

10am Tai Chi with Charles in Café Renoir

11am Crosswords in Café Renoir

2.30pm Scrabble in the Activities Room

3pm Alastair Collingwood Entertains in Café Renoir

7:30pm Movie Night in
the cinema ‘Big Eyes’(113m)

26th June


10am Crosswords in the Café

12:30pm Barbeque Lunch

2pm Colin Yates Entertains

3pm A toast to Coombe Hill Manor!

3:15pm Colin Yates rounds up the party!

27th June

10:30am Flamingo Paparie Cards with Wendy at the staircase

10:30am Crosswords in the Café

10:30am Jim‘s Piano Half Hour in Café Renoir

10:30am Resident Forum with Sonya in the Bistro

10:45am Catholic Communion in the Orange Lounge, Auguste

11:30am Yoga Exercise with Nita in the Activities Room

3pm Food Forum in the Activities Room

7:30pm Wednesday Night
Film ‘Billy Elliot’ (169m) In the cinema

28th June

10am Daily Crosswords in Café Renoir

10:30am Oomph! In Café Renoir

11:30am House Keeping Forum with Michelle in the Activities Room

2pm Cyber Senior Club with Alyce in the Library

2pm The Coombe Collective Exhibition of residents paintings curated by Georgia in the Art Gallery

3pm Teresa De Roberto Sings in Café Renoir
8pm Sudoku with reception in Café Renoir

29th June

10am Crosswords in Café Renoir

11:30am Core Strength Exercise in Café Renoir

2:15pm Bridge Group in the Library

2pm Come Dancing with Simon in Café Renoir

3pm Staff & Residents social in Café Renoir

7:30pm Cinema Night – ‘Frozen’ (98m)

30th June

10.30am Daily Crosswords in
Café Renoir

11am Gentle Exercise in the Activities Room

11:45am Walk in the Garden

2:30pm Scrabble Group with our new volunteer, Alwaleed
in the Activities Room

3pm Eric Glover Plays Piano in Café Renoir

7:30pm Saturday Night at the Movies showing ‘Road to Bali’ (90m) in the Cinema

1st July

9:30am Church Services- Locally

10:30am Daily Crosswords with Staff in the Café GF

12pm Pre-lunch drinks in Café Renoir

3pm Civilisation by Lord Clark. Ep6 ‘Protest & Communication’ in the Gold Lounge

4.30pm Songs of Praise in the Gold Lounge

6.30pm BBC Country File in the Gold Lounge

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