At Parklands we can be quite competitive and we do like to try our hand at various different physical games to test out our skills and see who wins!

We have some wooden skittles which are quite heavy and we thought we would while away a dark afternoon by practising our skittle throwing ability and take scores to see who was the best!

Playing skittles requires good balance, a good stance and throwing arm, good aim with enough power to know as many over as possible.

We played for over an hour and more residents joined in as they passed by and saw what fun we were having.

In the end it was a close call and resident Roger came 2nd missing out on first place by one point. He was scored 3 strikes and we were all very impressed. However it was Mickie who came first who has very good bowling ability, despite being visually impaired she had excellent aim and continually smashed out high scores throughout the game.