Staff Awards at The Beeches

The Beeches are delighted to have ten finalists at the latest Great British Care Awards for the London Region.  Our finalists are:

  • Vicki Read –The Care Home Registered Manager Award
  • Kevin Warren (Maintenance) – The Ancillary Worker Award
  • Ricky Beaumont – The Care Home Cook/Chef Award
  • Nurse Team – The Care Home Team Award
  • Miguel Amador – The Care Home Worker Award
  • Alex ‘ Daniela’ Tusinean – The Care Newcomer Award
  • Joanna Debska – The Care Newcomer Award
  • Michaela Davies – The Dementia Carer Award
  • Debbie Daniels – The Dignity in Care Award
  • Sarah Vaughan – The ‘Putting People First’/ Personalisation Award

Care Services Manager

Alison Jayawardena

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1986 from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.  I spent 24 years in high profile private healthcare units, within 2 large acute London Hospital Trusts gaining experience from ward manager to senior nurse before going into operational management.

As our Care Service Manager, I am a knowledgeable, caring and dynamic team member at The Beeches.  I am truly proud to be part of an organisation such as Signature, which embeds such key areas of quality and dedicated care into the lives of our residents and their families. This is why I joined the nursing profession and now I am able to really make a difference at such important, sensitive and private times in people’s lives and to offer support, direction and information to all members of the care team. It is a real privilege to be part of the team here at The Beeches.


Dementia Care Manager

Jana Krapkova

After finishing a Business Course in the Czech Republic, I started as a carer, looking after people with mental health problems.
When I moved to England, in 2007, I originally worked as a carer in a home near Watford. At the time, my manager offered me the position of Senior Carer/Training Co-ordinator in Romford, so I relocated to Essex.

I was looking after young, physically disabled people. I found my passion for palliative care as we worked closely with St Francis Hospice.
Years later I was promoted to Home Based Trainer and provided mandatory training to all staff. I had the opportunity to travel around different homes in the area and study a course provided by Bradford University: “Person First, Dementia Second”. After that, I knew I had to go back into care.
I have been at The Beeches since October 2015. I started as a Lead Carer and have now worked my way up as a Dementia Care Manager. I love it here and really feel like I make a difference to our residents.


*We are proud to add that Jana won the Dementia Care Manager at The National Care Awards 2017

Client Liaison Manager

Shelley Cairns

I am thrilled to join the Signature team at The Beeches.  My career has always been in luxury, customer facing roles including hospitality, and I am proud to be able to bring my experience to the care sector.

My passion is providing excellent service, making sure families and prospective residents are guided and supported from first contact throughout the process to move in and then for their continued stay.

The decision to move yourself or a loved one into care can be a bewildering, emotional and sometimes difficult one and its my job to make that decision an informed and peaceful one for all involved.

I am privileged to work with a team who’s knowledge, experience, empathy and understanding is second to none.

Client Liaison Manager

Kate Lippiatt

My passion is delivering exceptional customer service within a 5-star environment.

I aim to make every resident and their family’s journey into The Beeches to be as smooth and as stress free as possible.

I have been in several luxury industries for over 20years, liaising with customers who want to enjoy exceptional service, creating memories and having peace of mind.

The care and service delivery that Signature offers helps families make decisions that often can be daunting and unknown. We are here to help and guide you.

Activities Manager

Augusta Udo

I joined The Beeches in the year 2013, and feel honoured to be part of a caring and dedicated team.
I have experience in banking, retail and health care sector. I am fondly referred to as Charity by my children and Aggie or Agatha by our residents. Whilst those in management would say I’m a softy and competitive my team would call me a ‘Boss’ as a result of having a strong desire to achieve success.  As for me, I am forever smiling because every day is a bonus. There is no greater joy than when I transform someone’s state of mind and lift their spirits to show them that I care.

Head Chef

Michelle Donnelly

I started my career in the Channel Islands worked my way up to head chef, I continued my travels to Australia and lived in Australia for 4 years I have lived in England for the last 9 years my passion for food started when I very young my mum was a big inspiration for me, I joined The Beeches in April 2019 and I am delighted to be the first female Head Chef I love the interaction with our residents and families and love producing a wonder fine dining experience for them.

Maintenance Manager

Stephen Rook

I started my Signature adventure in July 2013 here at The Beeches when it first opened, as a Maintenance Assistant. This was my first experience working in a care home. Before I started in the care industry I had many different and varied jobs. I have now been with Signature for almost 7 years, and have worked my way to being the Maintenance Engineer / Manager. It has been an interesting and challenging time, but also an extremely rewarding journey as well.
The Wellbeing, Dignity, Security and Happiness of our residents is at the forefront of everything I do and I strive to make The Beeches a home from home, for all that come through our doors. I look forward to making more happy memories with staff and residents, for many more years to come.

Housekeeping Manager

Angela Levis 

I started here at The Beeches in 2013 as a Housekeeper and worked myself up to Housekeeping Manager within a year. I’ve worked in the care industry for 10 years and before that in Retail. I strive to provide our residents with the best service and a lovely clean environment. I look at our residents being an extended family to me and feel privileged to see them daily. I’m proud to be part of a fantastic team here at The Beeches.

Residential Care Manager

Jean Baillie 

I started working for signature in July 2013, I have worked in the care sector for 25 years and enjoy my job very much.
I started at The Beeches as a Lead care assistant in the first assistance, promoted to Care Supervisor and in December 2019 took up a new and exciting role of Residential Care Manager all of this in just over 6 years. I am working with a very dedicated and professional team that always ensure that the residents are cared for and happy here in their home.
I feel privileged to be part of the team at The Beeches.


Hospitality Manager

Sarah Vaughan 

I started my journey with Signature at The Beeches in November 2019 as Hospitality Services Manager.
I worked for 16 years as Assistant General Manager at a Luxury 4 Star Hotel with an awarding winning Restaurant, Wedding & Events Team. I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic for delivering the best I can.
The Beeches have welcomed me with open arms. Our residents have been simply amazing, and so my job is to unsure they live their best life with us, this is a real pleasure. I have a great team and management supporting me and I am looking forward to an interesting and varied future at The Beeches and within the Signature Family.
It’s an honour to be part of a dedicated team delivering excellent care with such passion and commitment.

People Service Manager

Annabelle Carter  

I joined Signature in October 2019 and I am very happy to be part of this organisation.
My HR career started in 2010. I have had the opportunity to work in the NHS, the Local Authority and I also had 12 years working experience in the healthcare sector. My journey as a HR practitioner has been so rewarding. I have had the opportunity set up domiciliary care services and new care homes, recruit a variety of job roles and have made an impact by identifying improvements in the processes and procedures. The healthcare sector is very close to my heart and I am passionate about being able to deliver the best service that we could ever give. With my vast exposure on care homes, I can confidently say The Beeches, the care and the services it provides, is in a different league. Signature and The Beeches are continuously striving towards excellence and I am very much looking forward to being a part of it.

Find out about The Beeches’ management structure here.