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Hollie Lockhart on Signature at Wandsworth’s ‘Heart of the Community’ Award

Hollie Lockhart, Customer Liaison Manager at Signature Wandsworth, talks about the Heartbeat of the Community award.  This is open until January 2020.

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Ian Webb on the Construction of Signature at Wandsworth

Ian Webb, Signature Head of Construction, has been involved with the development of Signature at Wandsworth since it was first proposed. Being located near the South Circular it is a very prominent site and one which will become a landmark during journeys into and out of London via the A3.

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Anna Ramsden on the Design of Signature at Wandsworth

Having worked as an architect on the design team, Signature’s Head of Design Anna Ramsden is now delighted to be working directly for Signature, monitor the design progress, liaising with both the design team and the contractor on any design matters that may arise during the construction and fitting of the Wandsworth project.

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