At Signature at Sonning we seek to involve our residents in the planning, delivery and review of their care.  We do this through our care planning systems, which helps us to assess and plan residents’ individual care and welfare needs.

In addition we aim to work with residents and relatives to involve them in the operation of the care home and to assist with decision making in how the home runs and the services provided. This is done through residents and relatives meetings and ensuring we build strong relationships with colleagues in the local CCG/ Local Authority.

Residents are encouraged to take an active involvement in developing and reviewing their personal plans and staff ensures that residents have adequate information and support to do this. Relatives are welcome if the resident preferred to have their family member in the review meetings.

The personal plans are written in a style accessible to the resident, and where residents are not able to participate in decision making regarding their care, then the resident’s lasting power of attorney on health and/or their advocate are invited to take on this role on their behalf.

At Signature at Sonning we aim to help residents and relatives to have all the information they need to understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.  Any changes on the residents care and treatment are discussed with the resident or their families for those who does not have capacity.

At Signature at Sonning  we have processes in place to ensure our residents’ views are known and that we listen to their concerns and act upon them. We conduct an annual residents and relatives satisfaction survey to help us listen to what residents and their relatives feel about the quality of our service. This helps us to understand specifically how residents and relatives feel about the care, treatment and support, how individualised the care is, how much choice they feel they have in the care, and how they are involved. This is also reviewed through the relationships that key workers and named nurses have with residents.

Apart from the annual survey, we also hold reviews meetings with residents and families.  A monthly resident council meeting and relatives virtual meeting is arranged to share information and hear some feedback to improve our services.

We will ensure that residents and where necessary their relatives, give valid consent to their care, treatment and support during their stay at Signature at Sonning , and that they understand how they might change any decisions regarding consent that they have previously made.

At Signature at Sonning,  we use a care planning system that ensures each resident has care plans developed that are personal to their needs, choices and preferences.  Signature promotes personalised care, and as part of our initial assessment of any new resident we explore the resident’s individual choices and preferences to ensure we are best placed to meet their social, personal, cultural, ethnic and religious wishes and preferences.

We aim to ensure that all care delivered is effective, safe and always meets residents needs and protects their rights.  This will include:

  • Pre-admission assessment of resident needs
  • Planning and delivering care, treatment and support on a regular basis to ensure needs continue to be met
  • Making adjustments to the care, treatment and support delivered to take into account people’s needs, values and diversity
  • Ensuring residents are supported to have adequate nutrition and hydration, and a care plan describing their needs, choices and preferences in relation to food and drink.
  • Ensuring that we liaise effectively with other healthcare and social care professionals to deliver the best treatment, care and support.


Our philosophy of care and our care planning process is based upon the resident being as actively involved in their care as possible, maintaining relationships with family and friends, and staying as independent as their care, treatment and needs allow.

The General Manager has an open door policy and will operate dedicated manager’s meetings to enable residents or their relatives to raise any suggestions or concerns.

We have dedicated activities staff in the home who will work with residents and care staff to devise an activities programme that meets the needs of each resident. Our activities programme is targeted at the individual resident and supported through individual activities, group activities, and themed events that we will hold periodically throughout the year.

At Signature at Sonning  we have policies and procedures in place to ensure that residents are protected from abuse and their human rights are respected and upheld. To do this we ensure our staff are well trained in safeguarding procedures and whistleblowing, the general manager will ensure that staff know how they should report suspected abuse and to whom. Our residents and their relatives have the information and support they need to understand local safeguarding procedures and use them where this is necessary. The safeguarding policy is available within the home and this is supplemented by local protocols and procedures from the local safeguarding team.

We also ensure that our cleanliness and infection control practices are fully aligned to the Department of Health’s code of practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance. Our infection control practices and procedures are embedded into our Health and Safety processes.

We aim to ensure that our practices in medication management keep residents safe by ensuring that medicines are handled safely, securely and appropriately. All staff who administer medication are suitably qualified and have read and signed the Administering Medication Declaration Form.

At Signature at Sonning we have a robust maintenance programme that ensures that our premises and the equipment we use are safe and suitable for our residents and that our equipment is comfortable for residents and meets their needs. There is a comprehensive set of policies and procedures available within the Home which is accessible to all staff.  These both directly and indirectly make reference to safety for residents, visitors, staff and contractors.

At Signature at Sonning  we also have a comprehensive quality assurance process at the home, supported by regular visits from the Quality Business Partners and Regional Director on Operations. This ensures that we and our residents will know that our standards of care, treatment and support are good and effective, and that we can act quickly if we need to make improvements.

We ensure that our residents and their relatives know how to raise any concerns or complaints that they have about the service and we will always take these seriously and act quickly to resolve them. We have a robust complaints procedure in place and we will regularly monitor complaints and comments for any trends to ensure we constantly improve.

We also ensure that all incidents and events that the Care Quality Commission require to know about are notified to them in the timescale that they request, and we ensure that we explore any trends in such notifications to help us improve the quality of our service to residents.

Signature Senior Living has insurance and suitable indemnity arrangements in place as required by the Care Quality Commission.

We have a General Manager who is registered with the Care Quality Commission and our central support teams assist by developing appropriate policies and procedures which enable managers and staff to carry out duties to ensure best practice when delivering care to individuals

The General Manager, Carmela Magbitang is a Registered General Nurse, who also has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of care including acute rehabilitation, long term and palliative care settings for elderly care. She has experience on caring for older people with dementia.  Carmela worked in a Specialist Palliative Care Unit and has wide clinical experience.  She worked as a deputy manager to several care homes and has a wide knowledge and skills in clinical management, audit and practice development.

The Registered Manager is supported by external teams within Sunrise Senior Living including financial, legal, human resources, Quality and Compliance, and Clinical support.

At Signature at Sonning we have Susan Johnstone as our deputy manager.  She is a registered nurse and has a wide experience in community nursing.  Our deputy manager is also the clinical lead of our community. She take the lead role on the following areas:  Individual assessment and reassessment of care needs, management of Infection Control, management of medication, management of moving and handling techniques, staffing requirements and nutrition and dietary requirements.

Janet Alibaya is the Assisted Living Coordinator (ALC).  Janet received her nursing degree in the Philippines in 1992 and has been an assistant manager of a care home until 2015 where she had worked as a Senior Care Assistant since 2006.

The Assisted Living neighborhood is set in opulent surroundings, which recreates the feeling of home.

Megan Godin is our Dementia Care Manager.  Megan has a comprehensive experience as an Activity coordinator who find working with residents who has Dementia fulfilling.

Reminiscence offers person-centered dementia care.  Our residents all have individualized service plans to ensure their needs are met.

Our care plans cover motor skills, sensory skills, perception, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills. We have life skills centers throughout Reminiscence that feature aspects of daily life.   These include a nursery area and home office.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the activities of daily living and there is a Snoezelen facility within the neighborhood, which offers residents a calming, sensory experience.   With our person-centered approach, we attempt to resolve any difficulties a resident may experience in their best interest, rather than the best interest of the care setting.

Signature at Sonning is registered as a Care Home with Nursing with CQC. We are able to accommodate up to 66 residents in our Assisted Living and 37 residents in our Reminiscence Neighborhood.

Typically, our residents will be above 65 years of age and of both genders.  However, we will accept people who are less than 65 years of age, if we feel we can meet their needs, have agreed with the relatives, GP and CQC. Our registration was changed to be accept 18 years and above in 2021.

We have a robust Complaints procedure in the home and the resident have access to the manager with an open door policy,