Signature at Highgate – Facilities

Signature at Highgate will feature luxury purpose-built facilities for assisted living and dementia care.  Some of these facilities are explored below.


The first impression of the Grand Lobby will be the warm, welcoming smile of the receptionist and the bustling, lively atmosphere of the area. Its Interior design will be welcoming, bright and specious with the introduction of quality details and luxurious finishes. The Café is the social heart of the space where residents and
guests can be involved in the day to day comings and goings of the home whilst those wanting a quiet time can find space in the more secluded cosy corner where they can read the newspaper or sit by the fire and quietly watch the world go by.

The grand staircase will provide a connection between the Grand Lobby and the Public Spaces below, with the dramatic feature chandelier designed to help draw your eyes down and create a visual connection.



This tranquil and comfortable space located behind the Reception is designed to provide a quieter area set away from the main hustle and bustle of the Reception, whilst still providing a visual connection. Its luxurious design offers the residents a range of comfortable seating options and has been designed with a combination of natural and artificial lighting to ensure that those with failing eye sight have enough light to allow them to read.


It is simple and practical in its design whilst allowing a visual connection to the Grand Lobby. The flexibility of the room with its open space and wheeled tables and stacking chairs allows for a multitude of arrangements to suit the diverse activities that will be carried out here: Arts, Craft, Baking, Bridge, Exercise…


The Bistro will take on a more informal dining feel than the Restaurant and Private Dining Room, offering variety to the residents, whilst still maintaining top quality dining and nutrition. Its more relaxed space is reflected in the interior fixtures and fittings


The Lounge Bar is located on the Lower Ground Floor opposite the Restaurant and will be filled with luxurious furnishings and the residents favourite tipples! With no windows its atmosphere will be created through clever light settings that can be varied throughout the day and evening. The mixed seating groups will allow the residents to socialise, enjoy a pre-dinner drink or sit and watch their favourite sport.


The design of the Restaurant complements the fine dining experience provided and is intended to support the staff in their nourishing of the residents by creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere with space to enjoy a meal in comfort. With colours to stimulate the appetite and varied seating options to encourage social engagement for those who wish and a more private experience for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in peace. The dining experience is one of the most important parts of the residents’ day.


The Private Dining Room interior is designed with luxurious finishes that will complement the Restaurant. This is a space that can be used for special occasions, allowing residents to invite friends and family to their own dining room experience whilst providing necessary seating capacity to support the
other restaurant spaces.


The Cinema is designed to be dramatic and differ completely from the rest of the home. It is intended that a visit to the cinema is a real event, providing an occasion to be anticipated. The big screen, luxurious seating, theatrical lighting and plush furnishings allow residents to relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment from blockbusters to major sporting events such as Wimbledon and the FA Cup. The room also doubles as a multi faith room for groups or quiet contemplation.


This area provides a smaller activity space with a potting shed interior and all the
fixtures and fittings required to enjoy the outdoors. Residents can access the gardens directly from this space and will be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities helping them get much needed Vitamin D and physical activity both individually or in a group.