Signature at Enfield – Facilities

Signature at Enfield will feature luxury purpose-built facilities for assisted living and dementia care.  Some of these facilities are explored below.

Grand Lobby, Reception, Café & Cosy Corner

The first impression of the Reception and Café will be the welcome of the receptionist and the bustling, lively atmosphere of the area. This space features a reception desk, grand staircase and seating areas where residents and families can meet. A café counter provides snacks and beverages throughout the day. The design style is welcoming and comforting, with luxurious finishes and furnishings. Inspiration for the design is taken from the grandeur of the great manor houses surrounding the town, along with the grand approach through tree lined avenues. The introduction of classic architectural feature will be complemented by modern design details.


The restaurant takes inspiration from the Victorian Glasshouse in Myddleton House & Gardens, with references to this through the colours, textures and patterns used. There are varied seating options to encourage social interaction for those who wish it, and a more private experience for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in peace. The dining experience is one of the most important parts of the residents’ day.

Facilities Include:

  • Seating for 50 Residents and Guests
  • Access to rear garden

Private Dining

The Private Dining Room interior is designed with luxurious finishes that will complement the restaurant and continue with the inspiration from the Victorian Glasshouse at Myddleton House, with tropical plants and birds. This is a space that can be used for special occasions, allowing residents to invite family and friends to their own dining room experience.

Facilities Include:

  • Seating for 8 Residents and Guests


This tranquil and comfortable space is located near to Reception, designed to provide a quieter area set away from the main hustle and bustle of the Grand Lobby. The Lounge takes inspiration from the Japanese Water Garden located in Trent Country Park, this design theme is reflected through the patterns and finishes selected, whilst maintaining a warm atmosphere to allow the residents to relax and unwind. With access to the restaurant from this room, there will be a small lounge bar for residents to enjoy predinner drinks. Its luxurious design offers the residents a range of comfortable seating options, with views out into the rear garden. It has been designed with a combination of natural and artificial lighting to ensure that those with failing eye sight have enough light to allow them to read.


The design of the cinema is intended to be dramatically different from the rest of the home, with subtle nods to the Savoy Theatre in Enfield Town Centre. It is intended that a visit to the cinema is a real event, providing an occasion to be anticipated. The room includes a projector screen, luxurious seating, theatrical lighting and plush furnishings, all of which provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in which to enjoy entertainment, from blockbuster films, to major sporting events. The room also doubles as a multi-faith room for groups or quiet contemplation.

Facilities include:

  • Seating for 9 Residents
  • Drinks Fridge
  • Side Tables

Garden Room

The Garden Room provides a small activity space, inspired by Enfield resident E.A Bowles, the horticulturalist famous for his garden at Myddleton House. This room will take great inspiration from the Kitchen Garden, where Bowles cultivated his immense collection of crocuses and fruits such as peaches and grapes! With access to the gardens from this room, residents will be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities, helping them get the much-needed Vitamin D and physical activity that is greatly important to their wellbeing. Furniture and fittings in this room will meet all the requirements to enjoy the outdoors, be this in a group or individually.

Facilities include:

  • Access to garden
  • Small kitchen unit
  • Gardening items

Activity Hall

This is the place to get busy! The activity room is simple and practical in its design. The flexibility of the room with its open space, wheeled tables and stacking chairs allow for a multitude of arrangements to suit the diverse activities that will be carried out here. The kitchen, although it has a domestic appearance, incorporates equipment to make it capable of catering when used as a social space. With nods to Enfield Market Place, the ‘Heart of the Enfield community’, the Activity Hall provides space for residents to come together, to socialise and to participate in the many activities on offer. A sliding door opens up the space to provide a performance area with demountable stage. This is a place of celebration for Enfield’s Signature Community.


The social opportunities provided by the Hair Salon, Nail Bar and Therapy Room are facilitated by a spacious and stylish interior design, with a nod to the Royal connections within Enfield. Orchids, representative of royalty and luxury, will feature in this opulent space, linking to the homes ‘art of the garden’ personality.
Residents can enjoy a pampering experience and a familiar routine as though they were visiting a high street salon. Equipment and furniture especially suited to the age group allow for an enjoyable hair washing experience whilst the therapy room offers a state of the art three sectional electric couch that provides support to the less
physically able residents

Facilities Include:

  • Two Hair Styling Stations
  • One Barber Station
  • Double Hair Wash Basin
  • Nail Bar Station
  • Private Therapy Room with Electric Couch


The bistro is an important part of the Signature lifestyle, offering variety in dining to the residents. It is an informal space with cosy interior finishes, with a particular focus on Enfield Chase, and the hunting lodges used by Royalty when visiting. A bar snug area, complete with a fire and bookshelves, enables the residents to enjoy a pint by the fire and immerse themselves in the works of Charles Lamb, the famous author who took residence in Enfield during the 18th-19th Century.

Facilities include:

  • Seating for 28 residents & guests to dine
  • Bar Presentation to Servery