Kim Harding

General Manager

I have worked in the Care Sector for over 30 years and for the past 20 years I have been in management roles ranging from Home Manager of Nursing Homes and Regional roles for other Corporate Care Providers. I have ‘grown up’ in care and was able to develop professionally and achieve professional qualifications throughout my career in order to achieve my personal objectives and goals. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to join the team at Signature at Bassett. The Company’s Mission, Principles and Core Values truly resonate with me, as this needs to be at the heart of everything that we do in order that we provide our residents with the best of everything.

Signature at Bassett is a place that is not only a Home to our residents but our staff also, we are all one family and one team supporting each other every step of the way. I feel incredibly proud and blessed that I am able to work in such a friendly and welcoming environment.

Minwen Cui

Deputy Manager

I qualified and have been practicing as a Registered Nurse since 1992, having worked in the health and social care sector ever since. As the Deputy Manager of Signature at Bassett I am proud to be able to support the General Manager and am passionate about caring for residents and staff alike. I feel privileged to work in such a beautiful home and will continuously strive to deliver excellent quality care and service delivery.

Santa Bukovska

Client Liaison Manager

I have been part of the community here since 2010. Caring is one of my passions in life and having care background is a great addition to my role as it involves supporting all new perspective residents and their families through sometimes difficult, stressful and emotional decisions. My role is supported by a dedicated team who are passionate about delivering exceptional person-centred care. Nothing is more rewarding than making a positive contribution to the daily lives of each and every one of our residents.

Malgorzata Sokolska

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

I have been with Signature at Bassett since September 2011, starting off as a care manager, I have always been involved in supporting our residents with their daily activities. I really enjoy coming to work each day knowing that I am able to make a difference to our residents’ lives nurturing their mind, body and spirit. I have always felt passionate to encourage equality within our community by finding the residents activities suited for their individual needs by adapting activities, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and talents.

We arrange various special events, entertainment and trips out of the community each week. We also encourage and support our residents to plan and organise their own activities whether it be hobbies or interests we will ensure a successful experience.

Justyna Wawro

Dementia Care Manager

I started my journey within the care sector in 2012. Over these past years I have built up my knowledge and gained experience in dementia care. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Winchester and in the mean time I have worked for the National Health Service. My new role as a Dementia Care Manager at Signature at Bassett allows me to make a difference for residents, families and my fellow team members.

Irina Mindova

Assisted Living Coordinator

I am delighted to be the Assisted Living Coordinator here at Signature at Bassett. Since I achieved Bachelor degree in nursing, I was very fortunate to work in Emergency unit for 10 years and gain huge experience in delivering professional and friendly approach for every patient of the hospital. After 10 years of delivering nursing care in a busy hospital, it was time for me to obtain even more experience and to develop myself in the private sector. I was shortly provided an opportunity to work as a RGN, Senior nurse, Clinical lead, Deputy Manager/Head of care.  I enjoy working with the team here and my focus each day is to deliver person centred care to each one of our residents.

Nicola Lewin

Dining Service Coordinator

My journey as Dinging Service Coordinator at Signature at Bassett started in July 2019. I am very privileged to have joined a professional team of Chefs, Dining Staff, Catering staff, and the whole of the Bassett team, who have helped me to settle into my role. In My 36 years as a Chef and Catering Manager I have never worked in the care sector. I am enjoying learning new skills every day. I have however worked in many different areas of the hospitality industry. Won awards, cooked and served for Royalty. I spent 12 years in Spain as Head Chef for a very busy Fish and Steak Restaurant, so with that in mind I hope to share my knowledge and experience to enhance what is already and exceptionally first class service.

By providing an exclusive, comfortable environment for residents to enjoy high quality, fresh, flavoursome, nutritionally balanced food. I look forward to the challenge, and achieving all my goals with Signature.

Alisa Kuksinovica

Head Housekeeper

I joined Signature at Bassett in April 2013 as Housekeeper and a year later moved to the role of Head Of Housekeeping, a job that I thoroughly enjoy. I have a dedicated team of housekeepers and laundry assistants that provide excellent service and hard work in order to serve the residents and ensure that the community represents caring and compassionate care within a beautiful environment. I’m very proud to be the leader of a successful team where everyone puts their heart and soul into everything they do in their day-to-day duties, making a real difference to the lives of people we serve.

Gill Meehan

Lead Concierge

I have been with the home for nearly 3 years and have a strong customer service back ground. I enjoy being part of Signature at Bassett as a Lead Concierge, interacting with our lovely residents as well as meeting their families. I work with a very friendly and supportive team. I enjoy coming into work, which is really important to me.

Grant Gibson

Maintenance Manager

I joined Signature at Bassett team in October 2019 as a Support Worker and quickly progressed within the home to Covid Coordinator role and more recently was successful in securing the role of Maintenance Coordinator. Prior to working with the adult care sector, I worked for local Government & Housing Associations in a variety of roles within Housing and Homelessness sector. I love working at Bassett as I get to indulge my passion of Supporting people. I Love my role as Maintenance Coordinator as I’m able to work directly with our residents and ensure that they have the best possible environment to live in.