Dementia Support with Signature at Banstead

Signature at Banstead offers dedicated communities for residents living with dementia. As a purpose-built home, the accommodation has been designed with 12 studio apartments within each community.

This helps our residents feel at home, without overstimulation from a large number of residents in the same environment. It also enables our specialist dementia care teams to get to know the residents very well and ensure they feel at ease within their own space.

Early Memory Loss Care at Banstead

If your loved one is living with the early stages of memory loss, it can often be a challenge to ensure they receive the correct care at the right time during their journey. That’s why we’ve created the Early Memory Loss community, catering exclusively to individuals who need extra support related to their memory.

In this special setting, residents enjoy an engaging and more structured atmosphere that enables them to continue doing the things they love. Should their needs progress, residents can transition into our Dementia Care community where they will be looked after with the same dignity and respect.

Introducing Christina Webb-Smith

I started my journey with Signature in 2013 when I joined Signature at Banstead as a Care Assistant. Over the years, my career has led me from a care assistant to a medication technician, then a Senior Care Assistant. In 2019, I was honoured to take on my current role as the Dementia Care Manager of the home.

I am delighted to be managing this new vibrant community known as the Terrace Club. This exceptional community is designed specifically for individuals living with the early stages of memory loss.

In this role, I oversee the operations, people, and clinical aspects of the community, ensuring the utmost standards of care, support, compassion, and understanding for our residents. I also implement and integrate the ‘My Life’ strategy, our company’s dementia strategy, aimed at enhancing the lives of those with dementia.

Being a Dementia Practitioner Workshop Trainer, I share my knowledge with our team ensuring a holistic approach to dementia care. Leading our exceptional team in the dementia communities is a source of pride. We provide person-centred care and engage our residents in meaningful activities that stimulate their minds and bodies. Witnessing our residents’ daily smiles is a testament to the fulfilling nature of our work in the Terrace Club and Signature at Banstead as a whole.

How can your environment be dementia friendly?

We recognise that in addition to the challenges that living with memory loss can bring, individuals may also have a visual impairment and/or hearing loss and this therefore can impact their safe mobility around the home.
A practical, well-thought-out environment can significantly improve the safety of somebody living with memory loss, along with their safe orientation.

Signature homes incorporate the following as part of our dementia friendly commitment:

• Clear wayfinding signage to enable residents to familiarise themselves independently around their setting
• Strategically placed lean rails, disguised as extended dado rails with contrasting colours which can be easily gripped on to for extra support, if required
• Each resident has their own front door, each painted with a different colour to aid with recognition
• Natural light is used wherever possible
• Waist height furniture in the communal areas to promote safer mobility
• Some individuals living with memory loss are unable to process or deal with high ‘noise’ levels. Recognising this may cause distress and upset, the Terrace Club has areas which are peaceful and calming to allow time for reflection

“Mum started her stay here at Banstead just two years ago. She moved into Assisted Living first, but when it became obvious she really needed to have specialised care, they dealt with moving her across in such a kind and professional way I don’t think Mum even noticed. I have only ever known the staff throughout Signature to be friendly and helpful at all times, and if there is ever anything that needs addressing, it is discussed with me and dealt with immediately.

The whole team at Signature are always so friendly. You are always greeted with a smile and most often, a chat. The residents are looked after with such kindness, and they are kept busy and entertained during both mornings and afternoons. I really and truly cannot find fault. They’re just a great team doing a very hard job, and they do it very well.” –  REVIEW FROM AMANDA C, DAUGHTER OF RESIDENT

The environment

With just 12 apartments in this community, the Early Memory Loss community provides a tranquil, family like environment while bridging the gap between traditional residential and higher-needs dementia care, creating a nurturing and supportive space where your loved one can truly thrive.

The design scheme

The design of our specialised community embraces a calming neutral palette to create an environment that promotes comfort and tranquillity for our residents. Soft, muted tones of beige, taupe, and pale greys dominate the interior spaces, creating a sense of serenity. Natural light streams in through large windows, allowing the space to feel open and airy.

Textures play a crucial role in our design, with plush, tactile fabrics, and smooth, warm wood surfaces that invite touch and sensory engagement. Artwork and décor are carefully curated to evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, helping residents feel more at ease in their surroundings.

The accommodation

The community has a number of accommodation options unique to the dementia care market place. These include studios, one bedroom apartments, Denver suites and our companion suite – a larger two bedroom apartment with the option of co-habitation. All accommodation options have garden views. Residents living in here will also have access to a private garden, dining area, lounge, activities area and kitchen.

If you would like to find out more about dementia care or early stages memory loss, please contact us to arrange a personal consultation and tour of Signature at Banstead here.