General Manager

Cristy Jones

I am a registered nurse and have been working in the care industry for the last 13 years. I trained as a nurse in the Philippines, and completed my overseas nurse program(ONP) in the UK in 2014. My hospital placement was at  The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for a period of 6months as part of the ONP requirement.

I then worked as a care assistant in the dementia neighbourhood at Sunrise of Fleet in 2009 whilst I was waiting for my eligibility to work as a nurse in the UK following registration with NMC.

It was at Sunrise of Fleet where my passion for elderly care/social care was ignited, and I have never looked back. The residents became like family, and making a difference in their lives each day made the job so much more rewarding that I never wanted to lose that feeling. I therefore continued to work in social care . I worked as a staff nurse and went on to become the Head of Care for another care group before I took the role as Deputy Manager of Sunrise of Fleet in January 2017. I am now delighted to be a part of the Signature family, and look forward to bringing my passion for elderly care to Pembroke House.

When I am not working I love running, going to the theatre, travel, catching up with friends, nature walks and being active outdoors.

Dementia Care Manager

Justyna Kirihettige Don

My name is Justyna, I’ve been working within the care sector for over 10 years and am thrilled to have been given the exciting opportunity to be Pembroke House’s Dementia Manager.
I really enjoy it because of the close bonds we create with our residents and their families.
I am really proud to work with such a great team and feel that we can make a difference to make each day meaningful and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Client Liaison Manager

Tony Dunne

My Role involves me meeting prospective new residents and their families. I am proud to be representing Signature and I get pleasure from showcasing our community. I am privileged to be part of a professional and dedicated team, delivering first-class care and maintaining the dignity and individuality of each of our residents.
The families and residents I meet on a daily basis realise quickly the benefits Pembroke House is able to offer, both in terms of the friendly and sociable environment and the proximity to local shops amenities.
I look forward to welcoming you to our community here in Camberley.

Nursing Care Manager

Simona Cioinac

I joined Pembroke House in 2020 as a Nursing Care Manager. I have a team of experienced nurses dedicated to the safety and well-being of all our residents.

I trained as a nurse in Italy, and worked there for 23 years in that capacity, the last 7 years as a Nursing Care Manager. In 2017 I came to the UK and joined the NHS, which I was particularly proud of.

I soon came to realise however that my specific interest was for elderly care, and moved into the care home sector the same year.

I am very passionate about the care and attention we give to our residents, and for me, and my team, it is about ensuring each and every resident has a quality of life. Some residents need more nursing intervention than others, but my team and I monitor the well-being of all residents and always ensuring each person’s dignity is maintained.

I am very particular and methodical in my work, and my dedicated team adopt the same principle to the care we give to those who put their trust in us.

Hospitality Manager

Lee Davis

I have worked in catering now for 27 years, working my way from a Saturday pizza maker into restaurant management, airline catering production and restaurant auditing, all via hands-on hard work front of house and back of a house. The restaurant floor is my first love and where I can generally be found.
I have been here in Pembroke house since January 2018 and can honestly say that each day is a pleasure. If I’m not at work I am usually walking the countryside with the dogs or participating in my other love, “Eating”

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