This year the residents and Activities Team at Moorlands organised their very own Nativity Play which was performed by the residents. Work started in September with members of the Activities Team, Linda Booth and Annie Williams making costumes and assisted by our resident Elaine D. Dorothea was the Director and Annabelle and Heather were responsible for props. Casting took place at the beginning of November along with the making of props. Residents soon became very engaged with putting together our very first Nativity and the talk of Moorlands was the donkey which was made by the residents with Heather’s guidance. We even managed to have our very own baby Jesus, Mia the grand-daughter of our Dementia Care Manager Lynne Vallender who made her very first performance at the age of eight weeks. Families and staff came along and we just about squeezed into our dining room. The evening was very much enjoyed by everyone and apparently, we will be doing it all again next year.