Knit and natter started in the summer of 2019 with Ruth. To name but a few of our regular residents, they include Connie, June, Betty, Glynis, Clara, Joan and Barbara with Jim coming just for the natter.
Once a week each of our knitters made a beautiful colourful array of squares with the idea that a warm woollen blanket would be the final product. During each of the knit and natter sessions, there is a mixture of laughter, great company and good conversation.
The residents have decided to donate this beautiful blanket to Sutton Night Watch Homeless Charity and here is the email response received:
“Hi Good evening Ruth, Thank you for your email. It looks lovely thank you so much I wouldn’t want to pick one person to give it to but we have just got a new place and we would love to use it as a throw for one of our sofas so they can all enjoy it if you’re happy for us to do that. We are at the Secombe Theatre on a Monday Wednesday Friday between 7-9pm. Best wishes Andy”.
Their next project is making cot blankets for premature babies. We intend to invite these two charities to our summer fete where we can present with our work.