Debbie and the residents enjoyed a lovely reminiscence morning with an old player and records, discussing the pleasure of listening to the scratchy sounds of the old songs. We talked about our personal collections, how much we played for our records and compared these times to the introduction is CDs with Debbie explaining computer downloading. These sessions with old records are relaxing, heart-warming and a wonderful way to gather residents together for a feeling of inclusion.

So many wonderful activities are enjoyed by our residents here at Coombe Hill Manor. Thursdays are very creative days. Lisa Maria, our Activity Manager, holds a class for assisted living residents in the art gallery and Debbie, our activity assistant, runs an art therapy session in our Auguste suite with Caroline from The Creative Minds Arts Company. It is wonderful to witness the amazing creations from our residents, from people that have never painted before, and also the imaginative expressions from our residents living with dementia. All our paintings are lovingly displayed with pride in our art gallery.

On Wednesday 20th February we had our resident’s lunch club. This month Sri one of our residents who is a professional Indonesian Chef cooked the meal in our activity room.
We enjoyed Thai Fusion Chicken Pattaya with Nasi Goreng (fried rice).
Dessert was Chocolate and Bailey’s cheesecake, made by two other residents.
We invited four of our new residents and a lovely sociable time was had by all.

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