Care Homes for the Visually Impaired

Help For Visually Impaired Adults At Signature Care Homes

Signature Care Homes can provide care and support for people with a visual impairment.

At Signature, we have a wealth of experience in caring for visually impaired patients, whether they have been classed as blind and visually impaired for a long time or this is a new life change they need help adjusting to. Age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, stroke, and trauma are just some conditions that can lead to visual impairment and sight loss in older people.

As people get older, sight loss can be a scary prospect. At Signature Care Homes, we understand this. That’s why we pride ourselves on our people-centred approach to visual impairment care. We view every visually impaired patient as an individual and treat them as one so that all of their needs are met.

The staff at our specialist luxury care homes for visually impaired adults understand the challenges faced by those dealing with sight loss. Through our bespoke approach to care and tailored personal care plans, we ensure that every resident is looked after, whatever their needs and care level may be. At Signature, our team truly gets to know each resident as a person, so we know their preferences and interests as well as the level of care that is required.

People with sight loss may have difficulties carrying out personal care and other daily living tasks like reading, walking, cooking, cleaning, and socialising with others. At Signature, our professional and highly qualified team provides award-winning care around the clock so residents feel safe and supported at all times.

The help for visually impaired adults we provide is unique to the individual and their requirements. Our highly trained staff can help with daily tasks such as washing, dressing, eating, and medication administration, as well as deliver more specialist care for those who have greater needs so they feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

Our experience caring for visually impaired patients tells us that emotional care is just as important as any other specialist care we provide. All of our care and residential homes are set in beautifully landscaped surroundings with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities and activities on offer so residents can enjoy their time at Signature to the maximum.

From daily activities that include gardening, baking, music, trips out, and visiting entertainers, Signature has a calendar of events with which all residents are welcome to join. Our on-site hair salon, nail bar, and therapy rooms offer the rest and relaxation for residents who want to indulge in some pampering instead.

When you choose Signature Care Homes for visually impaired adults, not only do you receive exceptional levels of care and personalised plans that are unique to the individual resident, but you also receive peace of mind that you or your loved one’s physical and emotional needs will be well looked after.

Our mission at Signature is to deliver exceptional care in high-quality purpose-built homes. Our compassionate staff are highly trained in the needs of visually impaired people and provide the right support to allow them to live a fulfilling life.

How Does Visual Impairment Affect The Elderly?

Visual impairment in the elderly is not inevitable, but it is commonly associated with getting older. Age-related conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, cataracts, glaucoma, and myopia can all contribute to vision loss in older people. Existing sight problems, such as short-sightedness and long-sightedness, can worsen with age. Strokes and trauma can also lead to sight loss.

Older people who are partially sighted or living with another type of visual impairment can experience problems with their mobility, socialising, and confidence. Taking their medication correctly might become more challenging, and they are at a higher risk of trips and falls, which could lead to a stay in hospital and a lengthy recovery process.

Those affected by visual impairment in older age could find regular daily activities such as taking care of themselves and their home, going for a walk, reading, and meeting up with other people more difficult than before. This can lead to social isolation, lower quality of life, cognitive decline, and even depression, as they are limited in what they feel they can do.

Moving into a care home that specialises in caring for visually impaired patients can be a positive step for many. Care homes for visually impaired people can take away the stress of carrying out daily routine tasks and can help them to regain their confidence and independence in a way that wouldn’t be possible if they were living at home.

Specialist Carers for Visually Impaired Residents

Our highly skilled staff are specially trained to give residents the highest level of visual impairment care.

The team at Signature Care Homes has the experience, knowledge, and compassion that is required to allow those living with sight loss to live with as much independence as possible. Every resident that we look after receives a bespoke care plan that is specifically tailored to them. This allows every resident to be treated according to their own abilities and needs.

Our carers are professionally trained to the highest standards and regularly attend further training programmes to keep their knowledge up to date. This enables us to provide 24-hour monitored care, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you select Signature Care Homes for visually impaired adults, you will receive person-centred care. Our experienced and dedicated staff take the time to get to know each resident so that every interaction brings joy and value to someone’s life.

Visual impairment in elderly people can greatly affect their quality of life as it can impact their confidence to carry out simple tasks.

At Signature, we can be as prominent or discreet in a resident’s life as they want us to be. From helping with dressing, washing, and monitoring medication to dealing with people with greater needs, our staff always strive to provide the best possible care at a level that suits them.

Our specialist visual impairment carers can help with the following:

  • Around the clock care
  • Monitored care
  • Personal care tasks such as bathing and getting dressed
  • Support with continence care
  • Safe movement around the home and its grounds
  • Safe administration of medication, such as ensuring medicine is taken on time and at the correct dosage
  • Company by getting to know residents over meals, coffee mornings, and recreational activities

The Benefits of Residential Care for Visual Impairment

Living with a visual impairment can be daunting and a huge thing to adjust to, especially as you age. If you find yourself or a loved one requiring additional care and support due to their impairment, it can be a good idea to consider moving into a specialist care home like Signature.

The benefits of residential care for those with a visual impairment include:

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you or your loved one is safe and looked after can be reassuring. If something happens to them, you know someone is there to assist when needed. You will also have peace of mind that their emotional wellbeing is also being looked after as they will have daily social interaction and activities to attend if they wish to.


Residential care homes have staff available at all times and strict regulations to adhere to to ensure safety. When a person’s sight declines, they can be more prone to accidents. In a care home that specialises in care for the visually impaired, you know that you or your loved one will always be kept safe.

Around The Clock Care

There is always help at hand, day or night, for residents living in our care homes. All of our residents receive 24/7 monitored care, so staff are always on hand in case of emergency or to provide treatment.

In-House Specialist Carers

Our in-house carers specialise in providing high-quality care to visually impaired residents. No matter your needs, our staff can provide what you need.

Medication Management

A visual impairment can make taking medication tricky. At Signature Care Homes, there is always someone on hand to ensure sure safe administration of medication when required.


Our homes feature all the adaptations a person needs to make living with a visual impairment easier. From large print reading materials to frames and rails that make navigating the home easier, we can provide all you need.


Living with a visual impairment can make life lonely, which is common in the elderly. At Signature, you have the opportunity to interact and socialise with members of staff and other residents daily so you can have some much-needed companionship.

A Home Away From Home

At Signature Care Homes, we try to create a home away from home for our residents. We do this by providing delicious and nutritious meals, activities, and discreet care. Residents who have guide dogs can even move their dogs in too.


Take a read of some testimonials from the families of our residents:

“My mum went into Signature after she had dementia for a few years. From the moment we arrived, the staff were extremely welcoming, and she settled in very quickly. She has a lovely big room with her own bathroom. I was able to bring her furniture and decorate it to make it feel like her own, special space with familiar things around her. The staff have been absolutely wonderful with Mum. They are an extremely kind and caring team. All our questions and worries have been attended to immediately. The activities provided are fantastic and much enjoyed by all.” – Daughter of Resident, Review on

“I saw first hand how each resident is treated as an individual and with respect. Every effort was made by the carers and entertainment staff to ensure that my mother was engaged with music and entertainment. The selfless devotion shown to my mother during these exceptional times was outstanding.” – Daughter of Resident, Review on